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How To Transition Your Closet From Winter To Spring

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With the warmer weather right around the corner, it is time to transition your closet from winter to spring! Read below to learn how to create a clean and organized closet for spring from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts!

Step One: Store Away Your Winter Clothing

The first step to creating your spring wardrobe is to remove all of your winter clothes from the closet. Though keeping a pair or two of pants for the chillier spring nights is a good idea, you can store away the rest to make more room for your spring items. Before you put your winter clothes away for the season, go through them and get rid of any with holes or stains on them. If you have winter clothes you didn’t wear this past season, consider making a donation pile to bring to your local charity. This will not only make storing winter clothes easier since you have fewer items, but this will also help your future self! When you transition your closet back to your cooler weather wardrobe in the fall, every item you put away for storage is an item you actually wear.

Step Two: Go Through Your Spring Clothing

Just like you went through your winter clothing items, it is also a good idea to go through your spring items. Fewer items will make storing items in your closet easier and make finding items in the morning easier! Similarly to your winter clothing clean-out, go through your spring wardrobe and remove anything you no longer wear. 

Step Three: Hang Any Dresses or Blouses 

With spring comes warmer weather which means less pants and sweaters and more dresses and short sleeved blouses. The best way to store these items is by hanging them in your closet. With Closet & Storage Concepts, you can create a customizable closet that allows you long hanging areas for dressers and smaller hanging areas for blouses. (Coats and sweaters can substitute these areas in the colder months.) Creating long and medium hanging areas in your closet will not only help better store your clothing, but it will allow you to better see what you have. If all of your dresses are stored in the long hanging area, you’ll know exactly where it is when you need it without having to sort through all your clothes on a single clothing rack.

White Customizable Walk-In Closet From Closet & Storage Concepts

Step Four: Fold Your Shorts 

With Spring comes shorts and capris. The best way to store these items is by folding them and placing them in a drawer in a dresser or on a shelf in your closet. Organizing them by type of shorts is helpful when looking for a clothing piece to wear in the morning. For example, store all of your denim shorts and capris in one area while storing all of your cotton shorts in another! You can further organize these clothing items by color coding them. For example, you can store light denim in one area and dark denim in another!

Step Five: Store Your Shoes in Baskets

The great thing about spring and summer shoes is that they don’t take up nearly as much space as winter boots! To maximize space in your closet, you may choose to store flip flops and sandals in baskets on shelves. Labeling the baskets is another important step to keeping these items organized. Tennis shoes can go in one basket while sandals can go in another. Storing shoes in baskets will not only help to keep your pairs of shoes together, but it will also help with keeping the rest of your closet organized by keeping shoes from piling up on the closet floor.

As you begin to transition your closet from winter to spring, you may feel you need some extra help in getting your wardrobe organized for the new season. Closet & Storage Concepts is here to provide you with expert advice on closet storage solutions! Get started today with a free in-home consultation to create the perfect custom closet for all your spring clothing needs!