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You Need A Closet Vanity: Here’s Why

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Some closets aren’t complete without a custom vanity. Don’t believe it? Imagine your very own closet vanity where you can get glammed up or wind down after a busy day. While using the bathroom vanity is common practice, it is less than ideal. We’ll tell you why you need to make the switch to a custom closet vanity!

Get More Storage Space

Bathroom vanities have storage but not enough room to be useful for things other than towels and toiletries. Closet vanities free up much-needed space in the bathroom. Overflowing drawers can lead to equally overloaded and messy countertops. The issues snowball from there because it’ll become increasingly difficult to clean off the countertop, and there’s a risk of your things falling into the sink –ew! With a closet vanity, you’ll have enough space to keep your items well-organized.

Dazzling Jewelry Storage

Jewelry drawers with a velvety compartment for every piece help protect your dazzling accessories. Prevent the tangles and damage that could happen in a crowded box. Overall, it is best to keep jewelry in a dry place, so having a safe spot in your closet vanity is far better than in the bathroom.

It’s the Sanitary Option

An added benefit of having a vanity in the closet is that it helps keep your items clean –especially the ones that touch your face. Things like makeup brushes and pencils are often kept in decorative containers, which is great for organization–but not ideal when they’re kept right by the sink where they can get wet.

Have a Stress-Free Morning

In the morning rush, it is easy to forget things in the dash from the bathroom to the closet and back. Your closet vanity can have everything you need to get ready in the morning without rushing from room to room. Not only that, but you won’t have to dig through crowded drawers to find what you need! Easy peasy if you as me.

There are so many configurations for closet vanities. They all boast plenty of space and fit perfectly in your home. Visit our Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts showroom and tell us about your ideal design– we’ll make it happen. You can also book online!