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Maximize Small Pantry Storage

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We are full of ideas for small pantry storage. Small pantries are challenging, but they are common in homes everywhere. Here are a couple of ideas to make the most of your small pantry without needing a massive renovation project. Always feel free to contact us at Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts for more tips!

Clean It Out

The first and arguably the most important step in making the most of a tight space is to take an inventory of your pantry goods. There is no reason you should look to design a space for things you don’t even need. If you decide to declutter after you get a storage solution, you may have more space –but it’ll be more than you need if you need to throw away a lot of goods. Finding a balance with your storage is crucial to staying organized.

Don’t Fight A Narrow Space

Work with the features of your narrow space –you’ll find that the space will end up working for you. If an area is deeper than it is wide, consider adding a pull-out shelf to take advantage of the horizontal space instead of trying to stack items on high shelves.

pantry glass jars filled with kitchen staples including oatmeal, brown sugar, and chia seeds on a shelf

Built-In Storage From Floor To Ceiling

Use as much vertical space as possible! Place rarely frequented pantry staples within reach. Get a little step stool when you need a boost to reach the top shelf. That said, we strongly suggest that the area closest is an open shelf so you don’t forget what you’ve put up there.

Conceal Bulky Appliances

Even if you have several food items in your pantry, you want to create the illusion of space. To do this, choose closed cabinets to add visual continuity to the wall. In this case, neutral colors are your friend because they will blend in with the rest of your color scheme, whereas a dark color can highlight the restrictive dimensions.

At Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts, we believe any space is functional if equipped with the right storage. Our designers embrace challenging spaces because we are confident in finding the best design for you. Book your free consultation today for the best small pantry storage solutions!