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Small Closet Storage Solutions

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Small closet storage solutions

Most small closets only feature a hanging rod and one shelf right above it that stretches from end to end. What does this leave us with? Piles of shoes, clothes, and an unorganized space that does more harm than good in our everyday. In this article, you will find that maximizing vertical space is the key to the ideal small closet storage. 

Half Your Closet Without Halving The Space

Double Your Hanging Space

Consider double-hanging rods if there is a lot of space between your clothes and the floor. Having stacked hanging spots will let you make the most of your vertical space. If you have the perfect amount of clothes to where you don’t need two whole rods, no problem! Imagine slicing your closet in half down the middle. One half will house double hanging rods, which equals the hanging space you are already used to. A built-in organizational system will fit perfectly in the other half.

Now you have a whole closet half to work with: now what? Let’s talk through your options depending on the items you value most. 

Shoe Storage

Everyone has shoes, but Some people have more shoes than clothing items. In a small closet, if you don’t have the right storage, you’ll end up rummaging through a massive pile of them on the floor. Among the best solutions is having shoe cubbies for flats and sneakers. Depending on your space, you can easily accommodate six pairs of shoes in two rows of cubbies. When you work with Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts, you’ll discover all possible configurations for your items. 

Athleisure Wear Storage

Athletic and athleisure wear are favorites in the closets of hundreds because of their comfort and the bonus of being foldable! Shelves are ideal for small closets because they function to open up your space. The flexibility of adjustable heights gives you the ability to use every last inch of space. Use these storage ideas for all types of foldable clothing. 

A mix of shallow drawers is another great option to use here. They offer similar space customizability with a clean finish. Design and installation specialists at Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts will help you find the perfect combination! Contact us today for a free consultation!