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How To Keep A Clean Mudroom

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As the name suggests, mudrooms aren’t meant to be the cleanest spaces, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw cleanliness and organization out the window.

To develop the most useful suggestions, we have to think about why it is that mudrooms get so messy in the first place. Think of your mudroom as one big drop zone, meaning that as soon as you walk in the door, kids usually drop their backpacks, jackets, and shoes in this area. You might even be tempted to hang your coat on the doorknob and drop pet leashes at the door.

Get It Made To Suit Your Needs

The goal in keeping your mudroom clean is not to adopt a strict regiment that is hard to follow. Instead, pay attention to your family’s needs and get proper storage accordingly. Through a consultation at Closet & Storage Concepts, a designer can wall you through your options of shelves, hooks, cubbies, and more to find the right fit.

Shoe Storage

Shoes are easily the messiest items in a mudroom, whether or not you have pets. Shoe storage is a must! For something that will be used every day. It’s best to invest in something that will stand the test of time. We like adding shoe cubbies under a bench to provide ease of access to clean and prevent missing shoes in the mudroom. This option is also great because it allows ventilation. Need we say more?

Create Sections

For big families, we like to create sections for every member of the family. No more missing jackets and jumbled messes. Kids especially like this as they grow and develop independence.

Regular Spot Cleaning

Once you have everything sectioned off, regular cleaning will be a breeze. Instead of tackling the entire mudroom in one go, take on one section at a time. Better yet, if you assign sections to each of your family members, they can be responsible for up-keeping their area. Easier said than done, right? Well, if you give them a variety of storage options like the ones offered by Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts, it’ll be easier for them to keep tidy.

Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts has the variety you look for in custom storage. We work on several rooms around the house, so call us or book online if you are ready for a free consultation to design your custom mudroom!