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Pantry Organization Ideas

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An organized pantry can be valuable in so many ways. Increase efficiency when cooking weeknight meals, reduce food waste, and maintain a high level of organization. Messes can creep up on you whether you have a reach-in pantry or a lofty walk-in pantry, so why not get ahead of it? Here are a handful of organization ideas to equip you to conquer clutter.

Categorize Items

Break your pantry goods down into categories. You can do this by food type, recipient, or meal type. For example, you may choose to separate canned foods from those in jars or boxes. You can also divide the foods you usually consume for breakfast and what you eat for lunch or dinner.

If you feel like your space is hindering this step, you should consider custom storage. The point here is to find the system you’ll like best to make organization easier.

Storage Solutions

If you feel like your organization is not even an option for you because you feel limited by your storage, you can benefit from custom storage from Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts. Custom storage is for everyone because as the name suggests, it is made specialized for the life of each family. Working with a specialist that leans into your lifestyle and needs guarantees a functional design that you’ll love!

Your input is important in this process. The designer will be prepared with a handful of suggestions, but be vocal about your choice of shelves, baskets, or wall units. Flexibility is key!


Regularly check expiration dates on your food goods and practice moving older items to the front. This practice will encourage you to use those items before they go bad. This doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Add it to your to-do list when you’re doing your regular house cleaning. This process will be a breeze, especially with the help of storage solutions –it inspires more organization ideas!

Step up your pantry game with a design from Closet & Storage Massachusetts. Get on our books for a complimentary consultation. We are ready to work on your dream pantry!