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How To Maximize Your Closet For Back To School

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Closets are an essential part of your kids’ life and you might not even realize it. It plays a part in their morning routine, it organizes essentials for their activities, and it can set the tone for the tidiness of their room. Maximize your kid’s closet to get a head start for Back To School Season.

Open Shelving

It’s easy to hide messes behind closed doors. We’re sure we’ve all had the experience of opening a door and being hit by an avalanche of wrinkled t-shirts because of overcrowding. Open shelving forces kids to be more organized, plus, they might even appreciate not having to dig around to find their favorite shirt.

Use Vertical Space

Section space off in a way similar to that of locker space. What do we mean by this? Create small sections, make everything height accessible, and give them space to express themselves. Any space that is hard to reach can best be used to store things that won’t be used daily or even weekly. Think of seasonal sports uniforms and equipment.


Keeping closets tidy can be a huge challenge for kids and teens. Do a big clean and donate things they haven’t worn in the last year. You’ll see a visible difference in clothes that end up in piles on the floor. Mornings are hard enough, so getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit your kids, can reduce the time and effort to get ready.

Keep It Down To Clothing

Avoid putting bulky items like backpacks in the closet space. It’s hard to fit backpacks in the closet because they grow or shrink depending on the week, and there’s no guarantee they’ll fit in their space if other closet items get moved around. Instead, consider getting a small mudroom. Bulky sweaters can also find their home in the mudroom. Their weight makes them more likely to fall off the hanger in a bedroom, especially if hanging space is limited.

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