Summer means warm days and road trips, but it also means wedding season is upon us. You may be going to a wedding this summer, but if you’re thinking of getting married in the near future you could be worried about the excessive costs of tying the knot. If that’s the case, here are a few tips that will help you cut costs and avoid breaking the bank on your big day.

Booking a Venue

You can save big-time money on the venue by renting a government-owned space, because these typically have less outrageous rental rates. If you want to get out-of-the-box creative, you can also look at spaces that are not typically used for large events like weddings. Also, if you live in the city, consider heading out of town a bit for your wedding. You don’t have to leave the state, but thirty miles from a big city the venues will be cheaper and schedules likely more flexible!

Timing Your Wedding

Another huge money-saving solution is to time your wedding in the off-season. Winter weddings are less common, but can be just as beautiful and they often cost far less than a typical summer wedding. Another way to cut costs is to have your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday, or at a later/earlier time than typical weddings. Some people will do a “dessert reception” with a late-night event starting around 8-9. Doing this not only reduces rental space cost, but it also avoids the cost of dinner for all of your guests while embracing the fancy late-night party vibe you may be going for.

Enlist Your Friends & Family

In the preparation for your wedding, reach out to talented friends and family for help. In lieu of asking for a gift from your graphic designer cousin, ask if instead he could help design a program. If your super-organized best friend loves planning, ask her to coordinate things on the day of the wedding. While you want to avoid asking for favors from people, making it clear that you would appreciate their skills and help more than any gift on your registry will likely make them feel appreciated and they will be more than happy to help.

Be True To Yourself

In the end, it’s important to be true to your wants and needs when it comes to a wedding. Some people want a fancy wedding in an old church and a classic reception. Other people want a wedding on a beach, or a backyard potluck. Some people want a live band, some people are fine going with a playlist on an iPod and saving money for other parts of the big day. No matter what happens, be sure that YOUR wedding is exactly what YOU want. The important thing is that you are celebrating your union with the person you love, and that’s what matters most.


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