table covered with junk mailOne of the most common forms of clutter is mail, which simply seems to build up over time with no respite. From bills to magazines, birthday cards to catalogs, coupons to junk mail, it seems there simply is no end to the amount of mail that can pile up on your entryway table. Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina finds this just as annoying as you do, that’s why we put together this list of tips to help you set a system that will ensure you won’t ever be overwhelmed by mail clutter again!

Separate Immediately

Have a couple separate mail baskets right at your front door, so that you can put the mail into its appropriate basket and then deal with what needs to be dealt with knowing that your mail has already been prioritized. Have the first basket be urgent mail, things like bills that ought to be taken care of immediately, or cards that deserve a thank you note. The next basket can be less pressing, a good spot for things like magazines that you’ll get around to reading, or coupons and catalogs that you’ll eventually clip. The third sorting spot needn’t even be a basket, simply have a recycling bin next to the door, so that you can immediately toss junk mail that you don’t need without giving it a chance to pile up and accumulate. By sorting your mail as soon as you receive it, you can know exactly what you have to deal with and when, and it will make your life much easier.

Don’t Cling to Whole Magazines

If you’re ordering a magazine simply for one article or one column, don’t hang onto the full magazine. Either clip the article you want or simply try to find it online and avoid getting the magazine delivered altogether. Magazines that come monthly end up taking up so much space in a home, with most of the pages containing ads. Be discerning about what you want to keep and read, and what can be recycled in order to make space for more deserving items. If you don’t want to be throwing away whole magazines each month, you can donate them to local doctors’ offices, schools, shelters, and libraries. You can also consider switching a digital subscription. This can give you access to the articles you want to read, without creating physical clutter in your home!

Cut The Junk

It can be very frustrating to get useless junk mail in your mailbox every day. From credit card offers that could ruin your credit, to sales at stores you’ll never visit, we’ve all been there. Take some time and make an effort to get yourself removed from those pesky mailing lists. It will save you plenty of paper and headaches in the long run. Visit websites such as Castaway the Clutter, where you can find lists of companies to request your name be removed from.


With these tips in mind, you can avoid having tons of excess mail and papers build up around your house. For other organization and custom home storage help, visit Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina today!

Photo © PamSchodt.