holiday table setting in condoWhile the holidays roll in, we know at Closet & Storage Concepts that not everyone has the luxury of having oodles of space to entertain their guests. If you’re short on space, consider these tips to get the most out of your home and holiday.

Get Organized

Not only will it make a great first impression to your guests to see an organized and functional space, it will be a lot easier for everyone to move around without bumping into a plush toy, or worse: stepping on a LEGO. If you need help with this step, we are your organizational experts, just give us a shout!

Move Furniture

Don’t be afraid to move furniture around for the night. If you can move all of the living room toys into a child’s bedroom to make room for a nicer dining experience do it. We’ve even heard of small apartment owners moving books into their showers to create more space in their living rooms. While it might not make sense every day, just remember: if you moved it out, you can move it back in and vice versa.

Get Creative on Space

There are a quite a few aspects in this category. First, consider spilling outside to a deck or patio if you have the space. If you are worried about an evening chill, get a fire pit or heat lamp.

Next, consider items that can double-up throughout the year. There’s probably no point in buying a new dining table just to accommodate the crowd for one party. Instead, try a foldable luggage rack and put a tray on top, or raise your coffee table with bed risers and cover it with a festive table linen. Alternatively, an ice bucket might make a handsome magazine holder after the holiday season. Just something to think about.

Create Ambience 

You want to make your home inviting. Lighting can help with this. Consider yellow-temperature lighting options like candles to set the mood. String lights to put along the tops of bookshelves and along the walls are also great and there are many inexpensive options available

If you’re worried about snoopy guests, try tension rods with a window curtain, or a wood screen to section off a room or hide any messier parts in your home.

If you have a bright personality, don’t forget to let that shine through too. Add fun napkins or place card holders to your table. Or maybe go rent a bright dishware set. It’s your home; it should make you happy too!

Make Room for Life®

Most of all enjoy your space and time with your guests. It’s a special time of year that we hope you can enjoy whether you have a mansion or what feels like a closet. If you want to start creating your own storage solutions and get organized, just give Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina a call today!

Photo © jacoblund.