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For the Love of Labeling

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pantry jars with labels of ingredients


pantry jars with labels of ingredients

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC, we’re lovers of all things functional and organizational. One of the easiest ways to help keep a room clean and functional is with labels. Today we’re making the case for labels and why you should be using them in your Charlotte home.

Why Label? It Saves Time

While yes, it might take a little bit of time set aside for a labeling project, you’ll appreciate it once the set up is done! In the long run, it will help to save time over constantly digging and searching for what you need. Soon enough you’ll be that compulsively organized person in your friend group, who is always so annoyingly on top of things and in perfect control of their life and time!

Why Label? It Keeps Items Organized

The second reason labeling is beneficial is that it helps to keep items separate. Once you’ve done the hard work of separating and organizing all of your stuff, whether it’s in the closet, kitchen, or kids room, you want to help your hard work stay clean. The labels will help to keep things in their place. However, it doesn’t guarantee against naughty kids or pranksters who want to mess with your organizational scheme.

Best Practices

Label things based on use, and create helpful categories that will make it easier to find what you need, when you need it. Make the title for your storage bins and containers clear and concise so that you don’t end up with a hodge-podge of mess in your poorly labeled bins due to improper categorization. Good labels should help you to identify and find what you’re searching for, even if the box or container itself is labeled “Office Supplies” rather than “Scissors.”

A Few Options

We hope now that we’ve convinced you of the importance of labeling, you’re ready to begin your own organizational adventure! Here is a great way to create labels. With adhesive surfaces like plastic or glass, you could just affix labels from a label maker. Label makers are very easy to use, and depending on which model you have, you can personalize the labels even further; you can change things like the size of the text and printing in bold or italics.

Luggage tags are another cute way to add labels to containers such as baskets, which aren’t well suited to adhesive labels. Plus they are reusable and very easy to move. You could always write in permanent marker but remember if it’s illegible, it won’t help. So, keep it neat!

Get Started

There are plenty of great ways to incorporate labels into your life. Try to start small with one area, like personalizing your craft area with labels so it’s easy to find the materials you need. Try DIY labeling, and use labels in unconventional areas, such as labeling sections of your closet for seasonal pieces.

Give us call at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina for more home organization tips, or to create your own personalized solutions! We work in all areas of a home from the closet to the kitchen pantry. 

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