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When to Use a Self-Storage Facility

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It’s a hard fact of life, but sometimes, we just have too much stuff for our space. While the easiest solution to this problem is to slim down on your stuff and adopt a more minimalist and less pack-rat approach, that’s not always an option. In times where you really need to keep what you have, but simply can’t make it work in your home, you can turn to temporary or long-term self-storage facilities, whose low monthly rent ensures that your things will be protected until you have room for them again. But before you rent a unit, determine whether or not it’s a good idea with these guidelines from Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sentimental Items

There are some things that we keep around purely because they are important to us. Memory boxes that we rarely look at, family heirlooms that we never use, and other items that have little practical use, but hold a special place in our hearts. Sometimes you might not have room for these things, but that doesn’t mean you want to throw out your mother’s wedding dress just because you’re temporarily living in a studio. Hanging on to important emotional and sentimental artifacts is a perfectly appropriate reason to use a storage facility. You may not look at your baby book every day, but there will probably be a time when you’re glad you kept it around.

Temporary Moves or Downsizing

It’s no secret that square footage is more costly in certain areas than others. You’ll have a lot less space in the city than you’ll find in the countryside for the same price. If you’re moving into town for a job and staying in a small apartment, you may not have room for all your furniture, books, and accessories. But that doesn’t mean that when you eventually move back into a larger place that you’ll want to buy all new furniture, books, and accessories. This is an appropriate time to invest in a storage unit, as it will save money in the long run to hang on to the stuff you aren’t using, rather than get rid of it now and buy a set of new ones later.

Hobbyists, Artists, and Crafters

If you’re a devoted creator, you might find that you don’t always have room for all of your creations. There are a whole host of crafts and hobbies out there, such as building model planes, train sets, crocheting, oil painting, scrap booking, building dollhouse furniture, woodworking, and more. Unfortunately, all of this creative activity results in items that take up space that you might not necessarily have. You might not be making a living off of your art, but that doesn’t mean you want to simply throw out the items that you’ve put so much love and effort into, and you can only give the same homemade gift to people so many times in a row before they get overwhelmed by all those DIY bird houses! In this case, a storage facility is a great way to hang on to your treasures, and in the mean time you can try to find other homes for them by using things like gift exchanges, or starting an Etsy store.

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