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The 4 Key Secrets to Staying Organized for the New Year

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Planning schedule on laptop

Planning schedule on laptopA New Year means a new you, and while many people may be resolving to go to the gym more or eat less, here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina, we think that the best New Year’s resolution is to get organized. But when clutter controls your life, it’s understandable if you aren’t sure how to begin your journey. That’s why the experts are here with these secrets to help you get and stay organized this year!

1. Start Small

Getting your organizational skills in check can be a daunting task for anyone, but if you’ve really let yourself go, it can seem so overwhelming as to be impossible. Looking at a whole house full of bad habits and messy spaces is likely to make you give up before you’ve even started. So if you really want to make smart and sustainable changes to your lifestyle this year, you need to start small. Pick some small inconvenience that could be changed rather than dealing with everything and burning yourself out. Whether it’s simply cleaning up your desk, or sorting out old mail and magazines, or even just establishing a chore schedule, small changes that you can stick to are more likely to lead to organizational success.

2. Identify Your Weaknesses

Small changes are sustainable, but at some point, you’ll have to confront your bigger issues. So what is your biggest problem? Don’t even try to solve it yet, just try and pinpoint what’s keeping you from being organized. It could be a lack of time, it could be that staying organized isn’t a high priority, it could be less helpful family members, or it could be a lack of enough space. Once you know what the problem is though, then you can identify the best way to fix it.

3. Form a Plan

Now that you’ve had some success with starting small and you know that you can do this, and now that you’ve identified your problems, you can form a plan for how to get truly organized. If your problem was not enough time, creating a strict schedule that you stick to would be a good plan. If you don’t have enough space, call Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte and let us create some for you. If you aren’t making organizing a priority, try and get your family involved. Once you have a plan, you can follow through and commit to your resolutions.

4. Repeat

The key to staying organized is to repeat. Just because you cleaned the house once, doesn’t mean it’ll stay clean, no matter how much you hate vacuuming. The key to having an organized life is maintaining an organized lifestyle. To stay organized you have to commit it and continue it for life. It may sound overwhelming but really it’s all about mindset. And of course, if you’re ever feeling like you need help, feel free to call the Charlotte organizational pros at Closet & Storage Concepts for help!

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