closeup of hands using laptopThe office is one of the most important places to live an organized lifestyle, but it is often one of the first places where we get disorganized. Between deadlines, clients, customers, buyers, bosses, coworkers and so on, it’s easy to lose track of things and before you know it your desk is a disaster area. Worry not though! Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina has these tips to help you get your work life back on track, and stay organized at the office.

Get Organized Digitally

While your desk may be cluttered, one of the most important places to start your office organization is actually online. So much of what we do today at work takes place in digital spaces, so it’s important to have an organized digital presence as well as physical presence. Start by organizing your folder and files. Create separate folders for chronological periods and organize your documents to that your important digital items are easily and logically accessible. Use a password manager like LastPass to enhance your online security and you’ll never have to go searching for that scrap of paper you wrote your password down on again! Back up your documents to the cloud so they aren’t lost forever if your computer kicks the bucket. With an organized digital presence, it will be easier to stay organized in the physical realm as well!

Focus on your Workspace

With the insides of your computer taken care of, now you can focus on what’s outside of your computer. Your workspace is such an important part of your day to day work life and influences your productivity so much, it makes no sense to have it be cluttered and disorganized. First go through and get rid of the things you don’t need. Most people have all sorts of papers and files lying around that simply serve no purpose other than taking up space. Resist your inner pack rat and trash or recycle the things you’ll never use.

Give your workspace a deep cleaning to clear out the dust that may have accumulated and invest in some entertaining desk items such as a plant or Rubiks cube. Once you feel like the space is actually yours, you’ll be more likely to be productive in it. Create separate zones and sections on your desk for everything you need so that every item has a home and you aren’t making room for clutter.

Schedules and Time Management

The final aspect of being organized at work is by far the most important. Time management skills are essential to being successful in the business world. Post up a calendar or schedule prominently in view of your workstation and be meticulous about plotting out deadlines and planning your course of action. Set yourself reminders and even alarms to keep you on track with your time. Don’t let yourself get away with excuses that will leave you cramming and stressed out right before a deadline. Always try to finish your work well in advance.

With these tips, you should be organized at the office in no time! For more storage and organization advice, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina today!

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