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Creative Storage Solutions for Kid Clutter

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Custom Organization for Kids

Custom Organization for Kids

Keeping a clean home is no mean feat even at the best of times. But when you’ve got kids to deal with, sometimes it can feel like having a home that is tidy and organized is an impossibility that you’ll never reach. Between spills and splashes, messes and mix-ups, staying organized with kids, especially young ones, is a daunting task. Take heart though! With these helpful and creative storage solutions from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina, not only is it possible to cut out kid clutter, but it can even be fun!

Use Hanging Storage

One thing that will always help when it comes to any organization project, is to utilize all the storage space at your disposal. One area where people tend not to make the most of their storage and organizational potential is with hanging storage. For kid’s rooms, there are plenty of options for you to make use of hanging storage. Take shoe racks that hang over the door and use them to hold Barbie dolls and action figures. Use hanging fruit baskets to organize bath toys in the shower, and double up on hanging rods in your closets. The kid’s clothes are small enough that they’ll be able to hang one on top of the other!

Make Your Walls Work

While not exactly hanging storage, your walls don’t need to be neglected when it comes to serving as storage space, or even just organizational aids. Make use of floating shelves in order to create more counter space. Install chair rails that are wide enough to display books and artwork on. Try using chalkboard paint to create fun and interactive wall spaces that can be used as canvases for your child’s creativity, but also as a place to leave reminders about things like chores and homework in order to help you out.

Make Labeling Fun

Having labels on everything is an important way to identify and locate everything that you and your kids need. But labeling doesn’t have to be boring! Turn the creation of labels into an art project that your kids can participate in and take responsibilities for. Have them help you decide where things should go and make the labels for the homes for each toy. This will make your kids become invested in the organizational process, and teach them valuable skills about responsibility, while also providing a fun art project!

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