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5 Easy Ways to Save Space in Small Closets

5 Easy Ways to Save Space in Small Closets

Small custom closet CharlotteAt Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina, we know that making the most of a small closet can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems like it will be impossible to fit all of your clothes inside of it. Don’t despair! We’ve assembled a few quick tips that will have things organized efficiently in no time. 

  1. Use Your Vertical Space

Even if your closet is narrow, it has more room than you think it does vertically. Maximize this space with things like hanging shoe racks and high shelves that are up near the ceiling. Invest in a foldable stool so it’s easy to reach the things you put on those higher shelves.

  1. Stagger Hanging Rods

Rather than having one rod that extends across your closet, try using multiple at varying heights. Not all of your clothes need the full length of a closet to hang down. This will free up space between rods for shelves and bins for storing other items.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Shelves

So, you’ve staggered your hanging rods and now you have some extra space! It might be tempting to put up a single shelf and be done with it, but having multiple shelves can be a huge help. It encourages you to stay organized, and makes it seem like your closet is filled with space!

  1. Make Your Luggage Work

Often people will toss their luggage on a shelf in the closet without a thought. Duffel and rolling bags take up a huge amount of space. Wherever possible, luggage should be nested inside of larger bags. Or, if this doesn’t work, use your luggage to hold other bags and clothing items that you don’t use often.

  1. Don’t Forget the Door & Sides

Think of the inside of your closet door and the side walls as empty space waiting to be filled. These are great spots for mounting hooks, shoe racks and small bins that will free up hanging space and floor space for other things.

Looking for a little help with your closet’s organization? Visit Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte today! We are the preferred choice when it comes to custom closets. We design, manufacture, and install closet systems of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. 

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