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How to Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Life

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clean and minimal bathroom sink

clean and minimal bathroom sinkWhile Minimalism is most commonly associated with art and design, from the simple paintings of Frank Stella and Agnes Martin to the minimal music of Philip Glass and John Adams, and even to the stripped-down design common in modern technical and industrial design, Minimalism is also about a mindset and lifestyle that eschews excess. Minimalism takes its roots from Japanese Zen philosophy, which emphasizes simplicity, and the importance of getting to the essence of an idea or object. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte and North Carolina, we may not be Zen Minimalists, but we think that there are some important takeaways from the Minimalist philosophy that can be readily applied to better organization and simpler living.

Get Rid of The Unnecessary

One of the core tenets of Minimalism is that all unnecessary attributes and superfluous elements should be eliminated. This is a great attitude to have when it comes to conquering clutter. One of the key ways that we accumulate things we don’t need is by acting like pack rats and hanging onto unnecessary items. In order to cut down on clutter and save space, we all need to think more like minimalists! Consider whether you really need an item that is taking up space in your home, or whether you could be better served by donating or selling it.

Get to The Essence

As we mentioned before, Minimalism draws upon Japanese Zen philosophy, which believes that the pure essence of something is all that is necessary. The concept of simplicity in all aspects of our lives is an important one for those of us who get overly stressed about work and family obligations. Getting to the essence of what is important to us is a great way to take control of our lives and our homes.

Applying It To Your Life

Start with small steps to cut down clutter and achieve a happier lifestyle. When it comes to saving space and maximizing storage, the team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina is here to help. We specialize in custom home storage and furniture for your bedroom, pantry, garage, and more!

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