tools on pegboard in a garageSummertime is the perfect season to finally get to all those home improvement projects and updates that you’ve been meaning to do for months. But you might find that your tools and garage storage have gotten messy and disorganized from the last time you used them. One of the projects that you might want to invest some time in is re-ordering and organizing your tool collection in your garage. Use these creative storage ideas from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina to help you get the most out of your garage space!

The Power of Pegboard

Pegboard is one of the most valuable assets you have when it comes to managing and storing your tool collection in your garage. Pegboard is simply a hanging board with holes in it that you place on the wall of your garage. You then use hooks to hang all of your tools in place, allowing you to quickly and easily take visual stock of what tools you have and where they are. By being able to view your entire tool collection at once, you’ll be able to know where everything is and find what you need without any hassle. Gone are the days where you’ll need to sort around in a disorganized tool bin for that certain type of screwdriver. With pegboard, you can set up visual organization systems so that everything has a home that is on the wall, out of the way, and easy to identify.

Rolling Storage

Rolling storage is a great way to incorporate mobility and ease of use into your tool storage organization system. Investing in a wheeled tool rack will make garage projects easier, as you’ll be able to move the tools you need with you, rather than having to run around looking for the items that you need.

The Magic of Magnets

Mounted magnetic strips are another innovative way to utilize wall space as storage in your garage. Use magnetic strips to hold small metal items like nails, wrenches, drill bits, and screws, so that you’ll never have to root around for them in space-hogging drawers and containers again! Having everything you need visually and at arm’s reach will make for easier garage projects during the DIY days of summer.

To store tools, holiday decorations, and other items with ease, contact the home storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina today! We are the preferred choice for garage storage systems, custom closets, and other home storage cabinets and furniture. 

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