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The Secrets Behind an Organized Purse

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We focus on helping clients live their most organized lives here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC. While our bread and butter is crafting custom closets for all our clients’ needs, we know many of them run into organizational quandaries in their days long after they’ve found their outfits and shoes. One of the most common places our clients say their organization fails them? You guessed it: Purses.

A purse can be a fashion statement, a command center that houses a family’s needs, a storehouse filled with wrappers, pens, and old medicine or, for most of us, a combination of all the above.

The Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte team thinks it’s time to take back control of your purse. Read on to find out our four tricks to keep your bag spotless.

  1. Keep it functional— You might have space in your purse, but that doesn’t mean you need to use it. Think of the room in your bag as precious real estate that each item needs to prove it will utilize well. Your wallet is the ultimate in functional; it’s clearly earned its place. Has that Benadryl that’s been disintegrating in the bottom of the bag for months, though, earned its right to your purse? If you or your family doesn’t use it often, it doesn’t deserve a place in your bag.
  1. Eliminate duplicates— There are some things that we need to carry in our purses, but that we don’t need nearly as many of as we carry. A few prime examples are pens, lip balms, and packets of Kleenex. If an item can pass the “is it functional” test, ask next, “How many of these do I really need?” Try to pare down your purse to the minimum necessary.
  1. Add an organizer—The basics of organization always applies; make sure everything has a place. Purses organizers can help create specific spaces in your purse for the things you need and eliminate the bottom of the bag mess.
  1. Set a Schedule— An organization system only works if it becomes an ingrained and maintained habit. By setting a quick 10-minute appointment on your calendar once a month to make sure your purse is functional, stocked with just the right amount of necessities, and organized, you can keep your bag spotless all year long.

Ready for more organizational tips?  Visit your local North Carolina Closet & Storage Concepts location today! We’re organizational experts specializing in custom closets and serve the greater Charlotte area.

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