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Five Tips for Pantry Organization

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Your pantry is an important area of your kitchen, and you should put in an effort to make sure it looks great. But where should you begin? Pantry organization can seem like a daunting task, but it can be done. A good idea is to take some time to reorganize – pull everything out, and keep these five tips in mind as you put things back in.

Check Food

As you pull things out, be sure to double-check the best-by dates to make sure they aren’t expired. If something is getting close to its expiration date, take note and plan to eat it soon. If there are nonperishable or not-expired foods you don’t plan to eat, consider donating those.

Organize by Use

Put more commonly used foods near the front and at eye level. That way, when you need to grab something quickly, you can easily grab it. Putting lesser-used foods higher or lower will keep them accessible but not in the way.


Consider reusable containers for items like pasta or powders like flour. This way, you can easily see when you’re running down and have access to a large quantity of it. A sturdy container will last longer and be easier to handle than a box or bag from the store.


Laying out your pantry using levels is a great way to organize. Grouping similar foods together – dry foods, nonperishables, and cans, vegetables, cereal, etc. – is a simple and effective organization method. Dedicate specific shelves or sections towards each type of food. Items that you use more often should be closer to eye level.

Consider Open Display

One attractive option is to have a more open display. If your pantry is more like a cabinet, having doors that use glass inserts – or even no doors at all – can show off your organized pantry or silverware. This works well for hutches and cabinets if you’re looking to store serving trays and platters. For heirloom pieces, you can even incorporate in-cabinet lighting!

If you’re planning a redesign of your pantry, or just thinking about reorganizing some things, be sure to give Closet & Storage Concepts a call today. Our Charlotte experts will make sure your pantry looks the best it can! Learn more about our pantry storage systems.