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6 Areas to Always Keep Clean

Neat and clean bedside table

Neat and clean bedside table
We know that with holidays, things can get hectic and that cleaning can become difficult to fit in. Luckily Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina is here to help you stay clean and organized throughout the season. Here are some of the areas to always keep clean in case of any impromptu guest. Plus, they can usually be cleaned in less than five minutes!

  1. The Bed. No matter how long your guests are expected to stay, the bed is an ideal place to always keep clean and done. Having the bed already done for guests is one less thing to worry about when preparing. Keep your own bed made up to keep clutter and chaos off of your mind. Wall beds can come in handy, as once they are “dressed”, they can easily be stowed away – all that’s usually necessary is a simple spruce up to remove any slight wrinkles.
  2. Kitchen Counters. As you wait for your cup of coffee to brew, take a couple of moments to give your counters a spray down. This prevents stains and spills from building up and can even give you a few moments of peace before the kids come down.
  3. Bathroom Counters. Similarly to waiting for your morning coffee, as you brush your teeth, you can easily wipe down stray water droplets or put away products that don’t need to be out on your counter. Taking a couple of minutes to do this task every morning (or night) can reduce the chances that you’ll have all your toiletries splayed on the counter if a visitor drops by.
  4. Night Stand. It may be odd that we mention your night stand, but because it’s usually the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night it’s important to keep clean and clutter-free. This way you won’t be plagued by unneeded thoughts, allowing for a more restful night. An easy dust every morning after making your bed can go a long way for a clutter-free space. Once make your bed and nightstand, you may even be more motivated to clear out other areas of your home.
  5. Mail / Entryway Organizer. Junk mail won’t decline during the holidays. Make sure you sort through your mail right away to stop clutter from building up. It also helps you stay aware of upcoming bills so you don’t rack up additional fees. After you’ve cleared the mail, take a couple of minutes to put shoes in their rightful place either in the garage or on a shoe rack. Be sure to contact Closet and Storage Concepts – Charlotte, NC, if you’re in need of better storage. A clean and organized coat closet or garage can make entertaining easy.
  6. Flat surfaces. We recommend cleaning counters, nightstands, and other flat surfaces. Keeping countertops clean can help to stop clutter from accumulating. Regularly cleaning flat surfaces can help give the illusion of a cleaner home.

Use these tips throughout the year for a more organized space and don’t be afraid to call in the organizing professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte if you need a hand!

Photo by Erika Wittlieb, under public domain (CC0 1.0).