Murphy bed open  The holiday season is here! With the season, expect friends and family for even more sleepovers and parties. If it’s your year to host, and you’re concerned about fitting all of your guests into your home comfortably, Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina is here to help. Our space saving options, including murphy beds, can help make the most of your space; they’re great for both your home and your guests!

Fits Right In

A wall bed is great for your home because it will fit right in. With a number of different styles and finishes, you can be sure that a perfect design can be achieved. Wood built-ins look much more seamless and beautiful compared to a plastic blow up mattress or a flimsy rollaway bed. In addition, because they can be customized to be as large or as small as you need, you can be sure that you are making as much room for your items as possible. Our designers can even plan for additional storage around the bed.


You’ll love murphy beds because of their flexibility. They tend to work best in offices and rooms that are used for multiple purposes to provide the maximum utility. This is because when they are not in use, your office or craft room can still be used normally and allows you to get work done. The minute a visitor drops in, the room can easily become another spare bedroom.

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Comfortable Feel

Your guests will really appreciate a murphy bed when they come into town because they are sturdier than a typical rollaway bed and are usually full size. Most wall beds come in a twin or queen size so you can find an option that fits your space. This makes it easier to find linens, as you will be dealing with a standard mattress size. Guests will really appreciate being able to sleep on a full and comfortable bed, giving them every opportunity to relax. Wall beds are quite sturdy, so there won’t be as many squeaks compared to a springy bed frame.

As you now know, murphy beds can match all of your needs and will be greatly appreciated by your guests. They do well to help maximize your space without compromising on quality and comfort. Start planning for your guests by booking your complimentary design estimate from the Charlotte, NC Closet and Storage Concepts! Happy holidays!