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How to Stay Organized Over the Holidays

Wrapping presents on coffee table

Wrapping presents on coffee table
As much as everyone loves the holiday season, it can be a bit stressful! With extra social gatherings, shopping for presents, and baking holiday treats, it can be hard to stick to our normal routine. No one wants a messy house over the holidays, so it’s important to figure out a strategy for keeping things organized and getting everything done. The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, North Carolina share their tips for staying organized over the holidays!

Update Your Calendar

The holidays usually mean attending more social events than usual, so it’s helpful to keep track of all of them! Fill out a calendar with all of the events you’ll be attending and make note of what needs to be brought to each event. This makes it easier to avoid having to run out for a last-minute gift!

Make Sure Everything Has Its Place

Having a dirty or unorganized house around the holiday season can only make things more stressful. Make sure that the closet, home office, kitchen pantry, and all other rooms of the house are cleaned and organized before the holiday season kicks in. Luckily at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, we have several different storage and organizational tools that can help you get and stay organized during the holidays.

Send Out Holiday Cards & Gifts Early

No one wants to spend an extra twenty dollars at the post office to make sure gifts get to the recipient on time. Set aside a day that is at least two weeks before the holidays to write out all of your holiday cards, send them off, and send off any gifts. You’ll be very happy that this task is out of the way when the holidays get closer.

Don’t Overdo the Décor

If you don’t have time to go crazy with the holiday décor, it’s okay! It takes a lot of time to decorate and put things away, and sometimes it simply isn’t possible. Make sure the holiday décor is well organized, easy to find, and simple to put away at the end of the season.

Custom craft wrapping paper storage Charlotte, NC

Wrap Your Gifts Early and All at Once

It seems that every year we forget how long it takes to wrap gifts, especially if we want them to look nice and be embellished! Wrapping all of the gifts together will save time and reduce the stress of doing it right before a holiday party or gift exchange.

Plan Downtime

With such a busy season ahead, remember to set aside some time each day for a bit of downtime. The holidays are such a great time of the year, so remember to enjoy them!

We want you to enjoy the holiday season! Getting organized ahead of time and staying organized will make the season much less stressful and easier to enjoy. If you need help getting your house in order, don’t hesitate to call our team to start creating a home that’s organized for life! We can help you create the perfect garage storage, craft storage, or custom closet

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