TAG Hardware tilted hamper custom closetIf you’re planning on remodeling your home, whether it’s your office or your closet, you know that the details matter. Design is all about functionality and clutter can hinder that. Here are some clever solutions to hide the eyesores in your home. You can fake a clutter-free space and make your home look larger.

The Laundry Hampers

Keep your laundry hampers hidden by stowing them inside deep drawers. Alternatively, Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC offers custom closet storage units so you can work your hampers seamlessly into your closet. Use two hampers to make sorting clothes and doing laundry easier.

While you’re at it, spice up your washer and dryer with a simple DIY project. All you need is electrical or washi tape. Simple stripes or dots can make your washer and dryer look less like an eyesore in your laundry room and more like a thoughtful design element. Alternatively, use a custom solution to keep your units under wraps. This can be especially helpful as you can build additional storage space around your washer and dryer as a place for all of your cleaning products.

The Garbage Bins

Use a similar strategy to your laundry hampers and keep your bins in your cabinets. Having them be hidden with a rolling drawer when not in use will give a seamless look in your kitchen. You’ll be able to achieve more floor space and a cleaner looking kitchen. built-in office desk in Mooresville


The Printers (and Its Wires)

If your home office is in a state of disarray, try hiding the wires. The printer can also be a point of contention especially if you don’t use it very often. If you want to hide it away, stow it in a drawer with a modified front. Simply add hinges to the front of the drawer so it can open when you do need to print. There are a number of options when it comes to hiding your cords, which can be a whole other blog post. Some suggestions include bundling them and then wrapping them around your desk legs. There are even some wood boxes that sit on the top of your desk or attach underneath it that help to keep your cords hidden.

The Bathroom Products

Bathroom counters are notorious eyesores in a home, and often it’s because it’s cluttered with a lot of products. Do a preliminary clean out, then transfer your products into pretty bottles. Using uniform bottles, especially if they are glass can easily increase the luxury in your bathroom. Plus, it can conceal how many products you actually have out. Using baskets to keep products neat under your sink can help keep your counters clear. Decorative baskets can help to add some interest in an otherwise boring part of your home.

The eyesores in your Charlotte, NC home don’t have to be eyesores any longer. Use these tips today and don’t forget to call Closet & Storage Concepts to create more storage space!