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Things to Do Today For a Stress Free Year

Woman stressed at work

Woman stressed at work Start the New Year with a strong start. If you are looking to decrease your stress levels, we have some tips for you. Start implementing these habits or checking these tasks off for your most productive and stress-free year yet.

Start Decluttering

Clutter can play into a person’s psyche and build stress. The sooner you jump on the decluttering bandwagon the sooner you’ll be able to rest easy. You don’t have to start with a complete tabula rasa, instead start small and work your way up. Many people find that starting with a smaller task encourages them to do more as they aren’t worn out in the first session. For example, simply clearing away magazines and junk mail from your coffee table can encourage you to move on to the junk drawer. Keep in mind that decluttering is often a marathon, not a sprint.

Find the Paperwork

Get a jump on the tax season and get your paperwork in order. When you begin decluttering in your office, start a file for all the documents you need for this year’s taxes. Most tax professionals advise keeping paperwork dating from 5 to 7 years ago, so any piece that’s past this time should be fair game to shred.

If you’re feeling extra zealous, get your instruction manuals all filed together. Toss manuals for items you’ve already parted with, and then file the rest into your cabinet. Keep manuals sorted by room for easy reference. When the dishwasher breaks, it will be a lot easier to find the manual and see if it’s still under warranty!

Rolling out a yoga mat to exercise

Create Your Workout Routine

Moving more and sitting less, is a great way to reduce stress levels and stay productive. This month, nail down a workout routine and test out a few gyms if you’re looking for a new place. If you need help staying accountable, draft your significant other or your best friend. Having a gym partner can keep you motivated to try a new class while firing up your competitive nature. YouTube and DVDs are great resources if you’re looking to start a home practice.

Sleep More

Get more sleep this year to reduce stress. Starting good habits to get to bed earlier will reduce your stress throughout the year. Try turning off your tablet or phone an hour before bed and getting back to basics with a tangible book. Rest easier by planning outfits, packing lunches, and preparing bags the night before. You’ll rest better knowing that you have an easier day ahead of you. Plus, it will help you get out the door on time!

Getting organized shouldn’t have to wait until spring cleaning. Integrate these practices into your life for a less stressful year. Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC to help you organize your home. From a new Murphy bed, home office, or custom closet – we have a home storage solution for you!

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