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4 Things to Purge From Your Kitchen Now

Throwing away kitchen garbage clutter

Throwing away kitchen garbage clutter

The kitchen. Also known as the workhorse of a home, it can sometimes turn into a dumping ground. If your kitchen is looking more like a dump site than a space that fosters efficiency and joy, then it’s time to change that with these tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC.

Expired Foods

A kitchen is obviously a place where food is prepared, stored, and eaten, so start in your food storage areas. The pantry and freezer are good options, as we tend to forget about the items we buy and store in these areas. Go through your baking mixes, spices, and canned food. If you still have leftover Halloween candy, consider using them for Valentine’s Day treats so you don’t end up restocking. Toss them out if you have no further use for them and welcome in a cleaner kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen this year with custom kitchen cabinetry to make organizing even easier.

Mismatched Tupperware

Old and mismatched Tupperware are also obvious items to eliminate. It’s time to say goodbye when you can no longer find matches to the tops and bottoms. Not only will you save time by not trying to search for a match, you’ll create more storage space for things that really matter. If you’re looking to make a complete upgrade, consider a sturdy glass option. We find that they are easier to clean than plastic containers and you don’t need to replace them as often.

Old Pots and Pans

As with your old food containers, say goodbye to pots and pans that cannot be revived. We’re talking about those pots and pans that use to be nonstick and that didn’t burn your eggs. A remodel isn’t limited to upgrading your appliances. Buying new quality cookware will only help to enhance your joy when cooking and baking.

Custom pantry cookbook shelving storage

Goodbye Unused Cookbooks

If your kitchen is full of shelf after shelf of cookbooks and recipes that you never use, consider paring down. Only keep the recipes of the foods you know you love to make. Can’t bear to part with them? Try moving them to a digital format and only pick the recipes you frequently make so you can part with the physical copy. It’s one way to cut down on the paper in your home.

Make your Charlotte, NC home cleaner and more efficient – starting in your kitchen. Give us a call if you need more tips to upgrade your kitchen storage. The team at Closet & Storage Concepts can’t wait to work with you.

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