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Storage Areas You Might Be Overlooking

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Custom bookshelves and bench Charlotte

Custom bookshelves and bench Charlotte

At Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC, we’re experts in all things storage! We design, manufacture, and install all of our storage systems making it easy for you to create a home of your dreams. To maximize storage space we properly measure and design a custom solution for your home. If you’re looking for ways to create a few extra places to contain your items consider some of these underutilized areas.

Under the Stairs

The area under the stairs doesn’t have to be wasted space any longer! Turn it into an extra coat closet or space for sporting goods and other supplies. It’s amazing what you can store with just a little bit of space. For something more intensive, see if your stairs can actually become drawers or cubbies for shoes. Using this area for shoe storage can be especially useful for busy families on the go.

In the Corners

Corners are often wasted and can be a key area to maximize your storage space. If you have tricky areas in your kitchens, custom cabinetry can help you take advantage of all of the space. Lazy Susans and clever organizers can turn your awkward corner units into more space for kitchen appliances or baking trays. Also,  take advantage of corner shelving units to create more space for your book collection or other trinkets.

Under Shelving

Use shelving that you already have and double your space. If you have tall shelves, consider adding in adjustable shelves. These are movable pieces that essentially create another shelf without the need for hammers and nails. This can be especially useful for creating more space in bathroom cabinets or for cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.

Another option could be under-cabinet baskets. These are easy to affix to any existing shelf and can hold oddly shaped items. Use these baskets underneath your desk for a budget friendly solution to hiding the cords in your home office if you’re not ready to go the custom route.

Around the Windows

Have you also considered the areas near your windows? You can create even more space for your books, records, or DVDs by building shelves around your windows with a bench in between, as in the photo above. The bench will double as a cozy place to read while providing extra storage for toys – a win-win! By maximizing the areas you already have, you’ll be able to create more seating and more storage.

Over the Door

Over-the-door organizers for shoes, coats, and even toiletries have long been loved by those looking to create storage areas out of every inch of their space. But many often neglect the space over their doors. Often times, there is a couple of feet from the door frame to the ceiling that is wasted. Installing a small shelf can help you find more room to keep books, media, seasonal clothing items, and even shoes!

Take advantage of one of these areas to maximize your storage today! To find a custom solution for your home, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. We can’t wait to work with you. Proudly serving the greater Charlotte metro area.