Messy kids' playroom with toys

Kid clutter can run rampant in a home before you even have time to tame it. If you’re looking for a way to contain the clutter, consider a quick purge. Keep on reading to see some of the top picks to get rid of so you can focus on organization from the home storage experts at Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC.

The Plush Toys

We know kids love to hold on to as many toys as possible, but the reality is they may not even know which ones they still have! Make more space in your home and cut down on the toys by starting with the plush toys. These bulky animals and characters take up a lot of space and are hard to organize. Go through the collection and set aside the ones that don’t get a lot of use or aren’t sentimental to your child. 

Apply this to other toys as well. If you’re scared that your child may go looking for a particular toy, consider containing the giveaways in your attic or garage (anywhere they won’t go looking) for a couple of weeks. If they haven’t asked for it back in two weeks bring them to your local thrift store or charity donation. Not only will this free up space for you, but you could be giving a new favorite toy to someone else who will use it. 

Custom reach-in closet for kids Charlotte, NC

Recycle the Papers

It’s an unavoidable phenomena that kids accumulate paper more than anyone else. From the art they create to their homework, loose papers can be found in every corner or pocket of their backpack. While we want to cherish all work created by our children, we can’t hold onto every one. Find a way to organize the special drawings for safe keeping and cut down on the volume of paper you have laying around. Keeping them digitally can also help keep the physical clutter to a minimum. 

If you have old, worn-out, or torn books, consider recycling them. If they are still in good condition, you can donate them to a local library but any torn pages or broken spines shouldn’t be kept around. 

Dust Bunnies and Crumb Friends

Dust and dirt should be purged too! Do a quick clean and make sure you get into the nooks and crannies, whether that’s in the closet or under the bed. Also, enlist your little helper to dust along areas they can reach or even by helping to put away clothes and toys to give their room a neat look.

Torn Bins

If your kids’ toys are spewing out from the side because of old bins or baskets, consider an upgrade. Properly functioning storage systems are key to keeping your home organized, especially in your child’s bedroom. If the storage in your home could use an upgrade, call Closet and Storage Concepts today! We specialize in custom home storage products. From custom walk-in closets to kid storage, we do it all! Stop by our Charlotte, NC showroom today to see how we can help you find a solution for all of your storage needs. 

Photo copyright Lisa5201.