Builtin media center shelving.

As we rely on technology more and more, our living rooms tend to become less cluttered with magazines, books, and cassette tapes, and more with visual clutter. If you’re tired of seeing cords from your TV, entertainment systems, and game consoles, we have some great solutions that could work in your Charlotte, NC home. Read on to find out some of our best tips.

Limit Cords

If you don’t have any cords, you won’t need to find a strategy to help conceal them. As of right now, it is unlikely that you will be able to completely get rid of all of your cords, but there are devices that can help limit the cord clutter. Using multimedia receivers that plug directly into your TV, such as Chromecast, Apple TV, or the Amazon Fire Stick, can make connecting to your favorite sites and apps easier – no need for a cord to plug into your TV from your desktop computer. In addition, many of these units can easily be concealed behind your TV for a streamlined look. Also consider using media players that have a smaller profile to give you more space in your media center.

Use That Entertainment Center

An entertainment center not only provides storage for video game consoles, video games, and other multimedia items. It can also be a great way to keep the cords out of sight. Consider a custom media center to provide ample storage for all of your items from toys to TV remotes. In addition, creating a built-in entertainment center will seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture while creating a way to plan out a cord management system. Having the proper amount of shelving, drawers, and bins will help create a way to conceal the cords in your living room with ease. Use frosted glass or closed cabinetry to keep the cords concealed opposed to open shelving.

Hiding Cords

There are many other ways to conceal the cords besides using your entertainment center. One of the major headaches around cords are power cords, whether it’s for your TV or video game consoles. Talk with a professional electrician to create outlets that are hidden by your TV or your entertainment center. This will make plugging in cords easier and give your living room a clutter-free look (no need for miles of extension cords). Lower budget options include creating a DIY cord management system to make cords look less haphazard; simply bundling cords can help with this.

Learn more about your cord management and cabinetry options by visiting our Charlotte, NC showroom today! We have a ton of living room storage and custom entertainment center ideas for you to browse through.