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Easy Ways to Make the Most of a Small Closet

Small custom closet reach-in with sliding door

Small custom closet reach-in with sliding door

At Closet and Storage Concepts, we know that not everyone has a large amount of square footage to dedicate to closet storage. If you’re working with a small walk-in, or even an even smaller reach-in, we’re here to help with these easy tips.

Go Vertical

Making full use of the vertical space you have in your closet is one of the easiest ways to create more storage space. Too often, we find wasted space near the top of a closet. Make sure your shelving units go all the way up to the ceiling. Items that are stored higher than eye-level should be for items you don’t frequently use like out-of-season items. If you’re thinking about re-doing your closet be sure to plan on hanging areas for long and short pieces.

Should you have a deeper closet rather than a tall closet be sure to use a closet system that allows you to use every corner. Pullout drawers and shelves, for example, can help with any accessibility issues when reaching for items at the back of your closet.

Use the Door

Using the doors can help you to create even more storage space. Over-the-door organizers are very popular to hold shoes, accessories like jewelry and scarves, or even handbags. If you don’t choose to use your doors for organizing, consider doors that help you create a larger space. Pocket doors or sliding doors can help you reclaim floor space compared to accordion or bi-fold doors. In your closet units, choosing a glass insert on your drawers or cabinet fronts can help to give an airy look.

Pare Down

If you don’t have as much stuff, you won’t need to store as much. This will usually mean that you will not have to do much to get your small closet back in order. In addition, it will mean you will not have to fight for every singe inch. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe to help you cut down on your items. Having a donation party could be another fun way to pare down on your items. Your friends may even be able to walk away with a piece they love!


If you must, use other closets or areas in your home to take the load off your primary closet. If you need more closet storage space you can try converting a guest bedroom or use a storage facility.

Under-bed storage, furniture that also can be used for storage, and wall storage are all popular ways to make the most of your space. Having a storage facility is also a great way to store seasonal items if you can’t fit everything in your home or apartment. No one has to know your secret to maintaining your small space!

Get organized with Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte today. Learn more about us and our services by checking out our custom closet page, or stop by our showroom today!