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With so many movies and TV shows coming out every week, we know it can be tough to stay organized and up-to-date with your favorite shows. Read on if you’re having trouble finding your favorite movies.

Digital Collections

If you’ve converted over to online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu, you may think that you have nothing to organize. However, digital media can be just as difficult to sort out and organize. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Many of the services and apps we mention above do a good job of separating and organizing what you’ve watched or what’s in your library. But for things you want to watch and bookmark, we recommend adding items to your list using in-app features. You could also use another app to help document things you’ve watched and want to watch in a centralized place.

When organizing for kid-friendly shows and movies, set up a different user profile and set parental controls. This will prevent young ones from viewing mature content and keep your lists separated.

Traditional Collections: Blu-Rays, DVDs & VHSs

If you’re a fan of more traditional methods, find tips to keep your collection organized below.


Old camera footage and home videos can be transferred to DVDs and digital files, which helps to free up space for other movies or equipment. Converting them also makes it easier to share these nostalgic memories with friends and family.

DVDs & Blu-Rays

To help cut down on clutter, and time spent organizing, cut down on the number of discs you buy. Redbox or switching to a digital method can help solve this. If you are resolute in your need to keep your collection around, there are a number of different ways you can keep it organized. Sorting by title is one of the best ways. You can make a spreadsheet with movie titles to help prevent re-purchases and make your collection easily viewable. To cut down even further, you can keep discs in a binder. This helps cut down on the packaging and space that is needed to house DVDs.

With traditional discs and tapes, you’ll also want to utilize shelves and cabinets to efficiently keep your items. Use a custom solution to keep them out of the way and make the most of your space. For built-in designs and solutions stop by our Charlotte showroom today! Looking for music organizing tips? Check out our post on that here.