Luxurious custom closet shoe cabinet

If your significant other has been pushing you into clearing out your shoe collection, or if you’re tired of tripping over shoes in your closet, this article is for you! Our designers at Closet and Storage Concepts in Charlotte are here to help you make the most of your closet space allowing you to keep your beloved shoe collection in tact. Our storage solutions may even allow you to sneak in a few extra pairs!

Height Consideration

Knee-high boots will require more storage space than a pair of ballet flats. The number of shoes that you have and the types of shoes will impact the height of your shelves and the overall design of your closet. When you work with a local Charlotte designer from Closet and Storage Concepts, they can help you maximize your space. If you own more flats and sandals, we’ll build shorter shelves to make the most of your space. Taller shelves can also be combined with shorter shelves to provide you ample storage for your entire collection.

Keep It Angled

Angling shelves downwards makes it easier to see your shoes, especially if you take the shelves from the floor to the ceiling. In addition, it makes grabbing them slightly easier when in a rush. Don’t forget the toe bar so they do not fall off. Glass shelves can be used to give added visibility in your closet.

Toss the Box

If possible, toss the boxes. Storing shoes out of a shoebox helps remove the dead space that is often left in shoeboxes. For special sentimental shoes (your wedding shoes, for example), or collector items, consider transparent boxes. This makes it easy to see your shoes while keeping them free from any potential pests.

Before tossing out the box, cut out the image of the shoe as well as the color if possible. Use these clippings to keep inventory of your items. Or affix them to the clear storage boxes. Polaroids can also work if you decide to use clear boxes. This further helps identify your shoes, making it easier to get ready in a rush.

Retain The Shape

Retain shoe and boot shapes with proper storage. Boot trees and holders keep boots upright to prevent wrinkling. Use a rod at the bottom of your storage unit to hang them from. Cedar shoe inserts help keep the shape of your shoes and wick away moisture that can cause warping and unpleasant smells in your shoes.

Our custom closet solutions can meet all of your design and shoe storage needs. Get the closet you’ve always dreamed of by starting with a free design consultation from Closet and Storage Concepts in Charlotte. Started by giving us a call, or come stop by our showroom!