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The Mental Benefits of an Organized Space

organized home in charlotte, NC

organized home in charlotte, NCMost of the time we get rid of things when they’re no longer functional. We throw out that old container of yogurt when it expires and we replace the lawn mower when it breaks and can no longer be fixed. Sometimes we get rid of things when we don’t use them regularly, like that pair of pants we only wear when our favorite items are in the laundry or that top that still has the tag on it. Plainly put, our decision to get rid of something is often based on whether or not it is in working order. After all, it’s difficult to justify parting with an item if it can serve some purpose. However, considering the usefulness of items is just one way to organize your Charlotte home. You should also consider what types of feelings items trigger. Does a belonging make you happy, stressed, or does it elicit no feeling at all?

In the past few years, a shift has started to take place in the organization world. Although there are many tangible benefits of cleaning and organizing a room or home, people have started to focus more heavily on the mental benefits of organizing their space. Although not a new idea, Marie Kondo argues in her popular book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, that people should get rid of things based on how much happiness they yield. Here we’d like to highlight some of the mental benefits of organizing your space.

1. Clutter has been proven to make people feel mentally fatigued over time.

Not only does a cluttered space prevent us from getting tasks done efficiently, it also prevents us from feeling our best. Most people find looking at a clean, organized space appealing. A clean space communicates a sense of control, which in turn elicits a feeling that you have control over the tasks and assignments at hand. A cluttered space elicits the opposite feeling, and communicates chaos. Although a small amount of clutter has been shown to promote creative thinking and problem solving, the presence of long-term clutter has been associated with feeling overwhelmed and out of energy.

2. An organized space tends to make people feel more relaxed.

Not only has an organized work environment been associated with improved productivity, but it is also related to a sense of security and calmness. This is particularly important when thinking of your home. After a long day of work a clean home functions as a place for repose and rejuvenation. A cluttered space, on the other hand, provides a great deal of visual stimuli for a person to process, which makes it harder for him/her to mentally recharge after a day of hard work.

The benefits of organizing your space go beyond just the tangible. Getting rid of both the things that are no longer useful and that no longer bring you happiness is a great place to start. Here at Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte we’d like to help you make a change. Feel free to contact us today!