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Tips to Stay Organized During a Home Remodel

Home blueprint plan

Home blueprint plan

We’ve all heard those horror stories of the home remodeling projects gone wrong. Make your home remodel as easy and seamless as possible by staying organized. Read on for our top tips!

Create a Game Plan & Get it in Writing

A smooth remodel, with as few bumps as possible, starts during the design and consultation process. Before walls are knocked down or the digging begins (side tip: don’t forget to check that you won’t dig into any natural gas lines), make sure your designer and contractor have a clear idea of what you want at the end of the project. Create a timeline with your designer and contractor to get an idea how long your home will be a construction zone. It is also helpful to have a timeline in place so you can order materials and supplies to stay on schedule.

Have a Backup Plan

Even the best of plans can falter slightly. The best contractors will give you an accurate plan, but even they can’t plan for some unexpected delays. Be patient and give them time to complete quality work.

If the water pipe breaks, or your contractor finds asbestos paint in your fixer up, have some ideas of motels or hotels that you can stay in for a few days. Be sure to pad your budget for these unexpected projects. This is even more important in older homes where building codes were not as extensive as they are now.

Consolidate your Folder

Receipts and notes from your contractor or designer should have a designated file. Use multiple tabs and binders to hold receipts and other items related to your remodel. Receipts will be necessary especially if you can claim your project for tax purposes, or if you need to return any items that don’t work in your home.

Have a Holding Area

As your project progresses, you’ll likely need an area to keep delicate items and furniture out of the way. Try to plan these holding areas during the planning stages of your remodel. This helps keep items as neat as possible.

Creating an oasis of sorts can help you keep your cool throughout your project. A peaceful bedroom to relax in day after day, despite the construction zone in your kitchen, can be great for maintaining your sanity.

Lock it Down

Valuables and important documents will need to be secured. In a remodeling zone with different workers coming and going, even with the most ethical contractors, many things can often be misplaced or lost. Pack mementos in a room, closet, or the attic. Keep receipts, bank statements, or other documents locked in a file cabinet. Passports, social security cards, and other paper work can be kept in a fireproof safe bolted to the ground or in a safety deposit box offsite.

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