Packed lunch box

Do you pack lunches for yourself, your kids, or a significant other? If so, you know that it can be a challenge to make tasty, nutritious, and balanced lunches on hectic mornings. Here’s a new idea to make things simpler: try setting up lunch stations in your kitchen! These organized areas streamline the packing process and make it easier to find what you need. Want to try it in your home? Here are some tips from the experts at Closet and Storage Concepts in Charlotte:

The Fridge

Gather a few small plastic bins that will fit on your fridge shelves. Designate each for a specific type of lunch or snack item, like yogurts and cheese sticks, cut fruits and vegetables, drinks and juice boxes, etc. If you make a lot of sandwiches or salads for lunch, you can also have a bin for that. For example, a sandwich bin could contain all your usual condiments and fillings (mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, lunch meats, cheeses), so they’re conveniently located in one place. A salad bin could have a bag of lettuce, some pre-chopped vegetables, your favorite salad toppings, and pre-portioned dressings.

The Pantry

Likewise, have bins or drawers set up in your pantry for organizing lunch items. You might have a section for pre-portioned chips and pretzels, one for applesauce and fruit cups, and one for desserts (like individually wrapped pieces of chocolate or small bags of fruit gummies). Also, set up a shelf in your pantry for lunch-packing accessories: have lunch bags within easy reach, plastic containers organized by size, and utensils sorted and ready to go.

Packing Lunches with Kids

This system is ideal for families. If you struggle to pack healthy lunches that your kids will actually eat and enjoy, get them involved in the process! Show them the stations you have organized in the fridge and pantry, and give them instructions on how to put together their own lunch. While you’re making PB&Js or packing leftovers from the night before, they can choose a fruit or vegetable, snack, drink, and dessert. Not only will your kids be able to choose things they want to eat, but they’ll also learn about responsibility and the importance of a balanced lunch.

Ready to set up lunch-packing stations in your own kitchen? Give Closet and Storage Concepts a call! We’ll help you get organized with the perfect pantry storage solution for your Charlotte area home.

Photo by Jun Yang, licensed under Creative Commons CCO 1.0.