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Gift Ideas That Don’t Create Clutter

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Simple gift box and tag

Simple gift box and tag

As many people try to become more minimalist in their homes and their lives, the holidays present a good opportunity to give thoughtful gifts that don’t create clutter. Below are just a few gift ideas that can be bought (or made) that are centered around experiences rather than tangible items. They can even work well for you last-minute gift shoppers.


Giving experiences away in the form of cooking classes, concert tickets, or even tickets to their favorite sports team can create a fun day for you as well as the recipient of your gift. This is a great way to bond with your loved one and prevent clutter in their home!Audience at crowded concert

Annual museum memberships or just a day at the museum could also be another option to consider especially if someone you know loves art. Go karting passes or a day riding shotgun in a NASCAR race car could be perfect for car enthusiasts.


Help create fun memories by indulging gift recipients with a weekend away. Book a room for them or give a gift card towards a weekend retreat. You could also try giving gift cards to restaurants for a nice night out on the town or to tourist attractions that they may not have been to yet. This can work especially well for parents, grandparents, or people who seem to already have everything.


Items that are easily consumed help reduce clutter in someone’s home. Plus, everyone loves cookies or could use more tea, so this can work for a wide range of people and ages!

Close-up of holiday cookies

Cookies & Treats

Holiday cookies are one go-to option since they can be bought in ready-to-gift tins or made at home. Make their favorite baked good as a personal touch.


Try making a basket of fresh fruits like apples, pears, bananas, and oranges. You could also try a meat and cheese basket if you’d prefer to go that route. This works well for families and co-workers and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it.

Tea, Coffee, Hot Cider, and Hot Chocolate

For people who like tea and coffee, an array of loose-leaf tea with some cookies or a cold brew kit could be all you need. You could even try making and giving away hot cider and hot chocolate mixes. For the adults, add a miniature liquor to give their holiday drink a little extra kick.

No matter what you give this holiday season, don’t forget that it’s the thought that counts! Get organized and make the most of your home this coming year by stopping by our convenient showroom here in Charlotte. Our home storage experts know how to tackle projects from closets to offices, garages to kitchen pantries, and everything in between.

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