Celebratory drink

Get your home tidied up before your holiday party with these tricks and tips specifically designed for busy families in the Charlotte area.

Vacuum Stray Needles

If you’re planning on keeping your tree up until after New Years, be sure to vacuum up any stray needles. Doing this easy task will make sure that your home is clean for company and makes a room look neater.

Clear Your Walkway

With guests coming, it’s key to make sure that there’s a clear path to your home. Take five to ten minutes to sweep away any debris and shake out your welcome mat. Have salt on hand in case you need to do a little salting for safety. Clearing and cleaning your walkway is a great way to create a good first impression.

Wipe Down Easily Seen Surfaces

We know that the holidays often extend past Christmas, making it unrealistic to clean every surface in your home before a party. Stick to the rooms you’ll be entertaining in and then pick areas to clean that will be seen by the most people. One trick is to enter a room and clean where you end up looking first. This is likely the place where most people will also look at first. Dust shelves, the top of the TV, or mantel, especially if they are close to eye level.

Consider Plastic Cutlery

Preparing silver cutlery, serving dishes, or cleaning glassware can take a lot of time that could be better spent doing some other task. To save time, consider using plastic cutlery and paper plates. You can even find plastic champagne flutes for sparkling cider for New Year. Using plastic can save time on cleaning both before and after your party. Simply place a tray out with the cutlery or place them into a tall container.

Get Blankets

Put them in the dryer for fifteen minutes with a fragrant dryer sheet to give that “just washed” smell. This also helps remove any wrinkles if your blanket or throw was in a storage bench. Blankets can then be draped over couches to give a cozy feeling to your space. If you have a spill or accident simply toss the blanket into your washing machine.

Shoe Storage

If you protect your carpets and floors by asking guests to remove their footwear, you’ll want to consider a place to store those shoes or at least a bench to put and take off shoes. A little bench or chair could be perfect for small entryways, while a whole built in bench and cabinet could work well in a mudroom or larger entry.

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