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4 Ways to Organize Your Entertainment Center

organized entertainment center

organized entertainment center The entertainment center is a central feature of the American living room. However, despite its prominent status, the entertainment center is often neglected when it comes to organization — resulting in a confusing jumble of cords, remotes, and media. Here are four tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte to help you keep things organized!

Clean Everything

Take the time to occasionally pull everything off the shelves and clean. This prevents dust buildup that can affect the performance of home electronics. It also allows you to make sure that cords are in good shape, that everything is plugged in correctly, and recover any remotes or discs that have gone missing behind shelves.

Use Power Strips

Separating out your power sources can go a long way towards making sure you don’t accidentally unplug the wrong cord while swapping equipment or testing connections. It’s also a great way to save on electricity. You can use one power strip for devices that need to be on all the time and another power strip for items that it’s safe to turn off.

Control the Cords

Make sure to label your cords near the plug with the cable type and the device it connects to. With this single step, you’ll save yourself a world full of trouble later on when you need to replace something. You can use a label maker or even reuse the plastic tags from old bread bags. Also, make sure to shorten cords by winding up the excess length and securing it with a twist tie. This prevents wires from getting tangled or kinked.

Put Things Away

Put away accessories when they’re not in use. You can use a small basket or box to store remotes or controllers within easy reach. Arrange CDs, DVDs, or games on shelves to stop them from taking over your coffee table. The key point it to make sure everything has a designated place to go once you’re done with it.

You can learn more great ways to organize your home entertainment center by visiting our Charlotte, NC showroom! You can also schedule a free consultation with our professional designers to find the best solution for your needs!