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Turning a Laundry Room Into a Multi-Purpose Marvel

Organized mudroom storage cabinets

Organized mudroom storage cabinets

Laundry rooms and mudrooms don’t have to be dark, drab spaces limited to a single function. Making cabinetry, lighting, and paint improvements are the first steps to transforming it into an inviting, multi-purpose marvel.

As the washing machine swishes and the dryer rumbles, homeowners can accomplish other tasks or enjoy hobbies in a room designed to accommodate a wide variety of projects while doing laundry.

A utility room renovated for multitasking can also become a cozy space where reading and napping may occur while doing the wash. With the addition of a cleverly placed Murphy bed, it may even serve as a guest bedroom.


Water Resistance and Noise

One of the first things to consider is water resistant flooring and dampening of noise. Switching your flooring to a hardy tile or vinyl floor can help your floor last in case of any spills. To minimize shaking and noise from a washer and dryer on an upper floor, place them on vibration pads.

Cabinetry and Countertops

Evaluate your current cabinets and countertops to see if you could increase functionality and storage from these work surfaces. If your room lacks cabinets, we can help. We can put countertops on top of washer and dryer units to create a worktop for folding laundry.

Also, consider wall space from floor to ceiling. You may want to add cabinets or cubby-style shelves near the ceiling. You could even incorporate hanging storage. Don’t forget to include a small cubby for a folding stepping stool to aid with reaching tall storage areas.

Modern laundry room storage cabientry


Lighting improvements raise mood; it’s easier to work in and enjoy a well-lit laundry room. If you are lucky enough to have windows in your laundry room, don’t obscure the natural light with heavy shades. Switch to light-filtering types, such as soft yet blinds or gauzy window coverings. Some cordless electronic styles can even raise and lower shades at the touch of a button.

Increasing task lighting is also important. Consider built-in lighting or updating lighting and electrical fixtures.

New Paint

Although white walls are common in laundry rooms, carefully selected colors can brighten the feeling of a space even if your choice is a muted combination of creams or rosy beiges. You can discuss a variety of combos with family, friends, and your designer.

Murphy Beds

Also called “wall beds,” Murphy beds come in various sizes and usually fold up flat against a wall. A shallow cabinet that is designed to look decorative may surround the closed bed. Small mudrooms can be transformed into elegant guest rooms with these helpful, space-saving solutions.

Other Options

Other useful additions to laundry rooms include ironing board storage, hanging rods for drying clothing and hooks for hanging jackets and backpacks.

Finding Design Help

Professional storage designers, such as Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, can aid in rethinking the function and attractiveness of all rooms in your home. Please contact us today for help in seeking storage solutions.