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Clearing the Garage Floor: Getting Storage Off the Ground

Modern garage cabinets in Charlotte

Modern garage cabinets in Charlotte
“Getting off the ground” is a phrase often used when getting started on many kinds of projects. But storing bulky or awkward items in garages – such as bicycles, ladders and sports equipment – is a project that literally needs to get off the ground.

After putting a lot of time and money into organizing a home’s interiors, homeowners often put off the task of organizing their garages. One consequence of this is that garages often become too crowded for a vehicle. Another is that tools for any number of household tasks become difficult to find, a problem that increases project time.

Also, a cluttered floor creates hiding places for rodents and pests that sneak into garages during cold weather. At Closet & Storage Concepts here in Charlotte, we’re here to help you get your garage storage systems in gear.

Types of Storage

Clearing the floor requires efficient use of walls with tools such as:

  • Shelving,
  • Ceiling shelves for bins and infrequently used items,
  • Floating/ upper cabinets that are attached to walls instead of resting on the ground,
  • Pegboard for hand tools,
  • Slatted wall systems for hanging objects of many sizes, and
  • Wall-mounted bicycle racks and heavy duty ceiling hooks.

Custom gray garage cabinets in Charlotte

Shelving & Ceiling Shelves

Plain but functional open shelving works well for stacking large plastic bins, picnic coolers, ski boots, boxed materials and planks of wood for building projects. If well anchored to a wall, shelving can safely reach to the ceiling where lidded bins for long-term storage can be placed.

‘Floating’ Cabinets

Being able to see and grab a tool quickly is helpful when at a garage workbench. However, many materials stored in garages should go in enclosed cabinets for temperature control and dust protection. Good examples of materials for enclosed storage include camping equipment, garden supplies like pots and potting soil, fishing poles, waders, and hunting gear, brooms, and objects that need repair. We often build tall cabinets off the ground to make it easy to clean underneath. Upper cabinets keep items enclosed and make use of wall space.


Pegboard has small holes to support lightweight hangers for frequently used tools, such as measuring tapes, pliers, screwdrivers and duct tape. Pegboard hangers also can hold items like small toys, keys, jump ropes and bicycle helmets.
Slatted wall storage for sport equipment

Slatted Wall Systems

Slatted walls, or slat walls, are generally very strong and durable. They are perfect for making use of wall space. Beveled grooves machined into the board offer a track-like area for attaching hooks and hangers. Slatted walls can support medium to heavy objects, such as dollies, ladders, rakes, shovels, or even bicycles.

Bicycle Racks and Ceiling Hooks

The least expensive way to get a bicycle off the garage floor is to hang it from a heavy-duty hook screwed into a rafter. But it may be difficult for some family members to raise or lower a bike from the ceiling. This is why we often use a slatted wall to get bicycles off the ground.

Professional Storage Design

When considering garage organization, a reputable company like Charlotte’s Closet & Storage Concepts can help you get your project off the ground. Please contact us or visit our showroom to get started!