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Creating & Organizing a New Craft Room


Custom craft room storage in Charlotte

Craft rooms can get out of hand quickly, especially if you work on different projects. A messy craft room can cause panic when a relative or friend wants to come visit and you need your craft room for a guest room for a week or two. Even though it might look like the craft room is unorganized, you know exactly where that specific stamp is or where the exact color of yarn for your nephew’s baby blanket is. You don’t have to do a big remodel in order to create a guest room in your craft room.

Stop the Panic!

Instead of panicking, let a custom storage company such as Closet & Storage Concepts create a craft room for you, along with a Murphy bed. Whether you need wide and flat storage for sewing projects, or bins and drawers to hold yarn, you’ll be able to have a storage spot specially built for your supplies. And, you’ll have a bed for guests that folds up out of the way when it’s not in use.

Organizing Your Supplies

When you design your new craft room, keep in mind the types of supplies you have, including your stash and the tools you use. This means that you need to know yourself, too. If you always seem to have two or three quilting projects going at the same time, add drawers to hold the cut pieces of materials. Use smaller drawers for the small pieces, and then, underneath, have one larger drawer to hold the work in progress. The holds true with yarn. Have space for the supplies you are using, and then a larger drawer underneath to hold the work in progress.

Design cubbies and drawers to hold your supplies. Shallow yet wide drawers are perfect for cross-stitch hoops and stamps, while smaller drawers are ideal for crochet hooks and knitting needles. Having a dedicated work area for your sewing machine will make it easier to tackle sewing projects. You won’t have to spend time digging your machine out and getting set up.


Crafters always have leftover bits and pieces. Whether it’s the end of a ball of yarn or a 1-foot piece of fabric, you’ll want to be able to find those scraps when you need them. Create a space to hold loose ends. For those who work with yarn, you might have a separate drawer for each color. For example, all blue yarns go in one drawer, browns in another, reds in another and so on. See-through bins are also a great way to contain leftovers and make it easy to see what’s inside. Make sure you go through regularly to purge leftovers that you have no use for and don’t plan on using in a project. This will help to maintain order in your craft room.

Instead of going into a panic when a guest wants to spend time with you, get organized and create a multi-purpose craft room that is warm and inviting. Let Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte help by installing a Murphy bed with craft storage!