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Design Ideas for the Ultimate Pantry

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Custom pantry storage shelving

Custom pantry storage shelving

The pantry has been around for centuries, but it’s come a long way from the root cellar of days gone by. Today’s pantries are sleek and modern, with state of the art appliances and custom pantry storage and organization. However, there’s still room to draw from classic features to bring the charm and functionality of the old style pantry into the future. The following are some tips and ideas for creating the perfect kitchen pantry for your home.


Shelving with Added Bins and Drawers

Sleek bins and drawers in addition to shelving areas provide hidden organization. Use drawer fronts that are the same color as your shelves for a sleek, organized look. For additional pantry organization, you can use dividers for some of the larger bins.

A Counter Space and Work Area

Who says a pantry has to be all about storage? For larger walk-in pantries, you can add convenient features like an extra cutting board prep area or counter. You can even add a stool or two if you’ll be using this area a lot for prep work or brainstorming your next masterpiece meal.

Make the Most of Corner Areas

Space-challenged pantry areas can benefit from using all of the available space wisely, including the corners. Corner shelving from floor to ceiling is one idea, but you can also consider lazy susans that rotate 360 degrees for your convenience. The shelves on the lazy susan will protrude outward a bit, allowing for more storage space for spices, baking supplies, or small jars and canned goods.

A Modern Take On the Root Cellar

If you have a basement, the space underneath the basement stairway can be the perfect place for a customized pantry system. Add plentiful shelving along the back wall; the longest shelf will be the bottom one, and the floor beneath it can be ideal for storing larger items like boxes of canned goods, gallons of apple cider, or bottled soft drinks. Some families love the idea of a pantry in the basement because it makes snack foods less accessible; you’ll naturally build in more walking and stair-climbing and burn excess calories. This option can also work for the area underneath any stairway.

Built-in wine and spice rack storage

Special Touches

The beauty of a custom pantry is that you can personalize it in truly individual ways. Add details that make it your own and fit your lifestyle. A wine rack, extra spice rack storage, or tall shelving areas for gourmet cooking oils can make the pantry truly your own. Consider adding a cookbook holder that keeps your book open to the right page at the perfect angle while you’re cooking.

The pantry is a traditional part of many kitchens, but custom pantry storage and organization has brought this room into the 21st century. Use these design ideas to take your pantry far beyond ordinary and create something truly customized to your wants, needs, preferences and lifestyle. Come visit our Charlotte showroom to see how we can help you transform your space. From traditional designs to something more modern, we do it all!