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Making Space for Hobbies in Your Garage

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garage storage charlotteThe garage is an area that tends to see a lot of clutter, and it may not be the most inviting area in your home for this very reason. Instead of avoiding your garage, consider clearing up some space to take full advantage of its potential. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte has the expert advice and tools you need to organize your garage and make room for your favorite hobbies.

Food Prep Area

For homeowners with big families or a culinary passion, a kitchen might not always provide the space needed to prepare a big meal. The garage can be a great place to house a second fridge for storing frozen food or fresh herbs picked from your garden. Clean out a corner of your garage and install shelving and storage units for some of your biggest food storage needs: spices, sacks of grain, bottles of cooking oil, and so on. You can use a counter area to prep messy foods before taking them into the kitchen, or simply use your new space to store bulk items that would otherwise clog up your main kitchen pantry.

Workout Area

A garage can give you the luxury of playing your music loudly and working up a sweat without bothering the rest of your family members. However, a good workout requires plenty of space to move around. Create this space by using hanging racks to get bikes, sports equipment, and tools out of the way. Set down some rubber mats on the floor, and bring in your favorite dumbbells. Add in some shelves for your resistance bands, workout towels, and sports drinks. With an organized garage and a new workout area, you have no excuse not to get in shape this summer!

Arts and Crafts

If your kids tend to get glitter encrusted in your carpets, you may feel a little safer having them do their arts and crafts in the garage. You’ll want to make sure that you have an area void of tools and other objects that could end up hurting a curious child, so install some storage units higher off the ground to get these things out of reach. Install art benches with pullout drawers to store markers, paper, and glitter. Now your kids (and you) have a place to let creativity run free without worrying about making a mess!

Getting Started

Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte has created valuable storage solutions for many garages and can help you do the same to create more space for other activities. Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation, and learn more about our custom garage and storage solutions.


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