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Closet Essentials for the Business Professional

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closet storage business clothes charlotte

closet storage business clothes charlotteWhether you’re heading to an interview or looking to shake up your look at work, there are a few things that every businessperson should have in their closet. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte, we strive to help you lead an organized life both in the home and at the office. Below is our guide to trendy work wear items and how to properly store them in your closet to keep them in top condition.

Valet Rods for Blazers

Any gender can rock the sleek, clean-cut look that a blazer provides. Use one to create a layered look, to jazz up a simple button up, or to stay fashionably warm on a chilly day. Blazers can easily show creases and wrinkles, so storing them properly is essential to keeping them in good condition.

Hang, and never fold blazers to keep them crease-free. Dedicate a valet rod in your closet to blazers, and give each piece enough space so it doesn’t wrinkle. Invest in sturdy hangers so blazers retain their shape. Multiple valet rods can create more closet space for delicate clothing.

Racks for Neckwear

While your workplace’s dress code may not always require a tie, this go-to professional accessory can be utilized to bring a touch of class to any look. Necklaces can be used in a similar way to add a pop of color or bling to any outfit. Use these accessories to create dimension and give your ensemble a polished look.

Make sure your ties stay pristine by installing tie racks in your closet. These allow you to hang your ties neatly without crushing or crimping them. Keep your necklaces from tangling by incorporating customized jewelry drawers into your closet as well. If you’re short on space, small hooks on the back of a closet door could also work.

Custom Shelves for Loafers

Loafers, one of the top trending shoe styles this year, provide a versatile look that will compliment any outfit. Styles range from slip-on to heeled, so you could get away with possessing more than one pair. However, all loafers should be stored properly to avoid scuffs and scratches.

Use over-the-door shoe storage on the back of your closet door to keep shoes protected in individual pockets. Include customized shelving for shoes in your closet to keep pairs organized and off the ground. You can even include such shelves and racks in an entryway closet for extra convenience in the morning.

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Get your hands on these fashion essentials to shake up your work wardrobe, but don’t forget to store them properly to keep in their prime condition. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts for a free in-home design consultation and learn more about our custom closet solutions for your Charlotte home.


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