Murphy beds Charlotte

Murphy beds are having a moment both in Charlotte and across the US. This storable bed option had its first heyday in the 1920’s and 1930’s as urbanites sought to make their apartments and small city homes more livable. They fell out of favor after World War II as GI’s and their families moved in droves to larger homes in the suburbs. In the last decade, however, Murphy beds have experienced a renaissance among homeowners and renters alike. We love Murphy beds here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, and have some great facts we’d like to share about them.

  1. Murphy beds are also known as pull-down beds, fold-down beds, and wall beds.
  2. Murphy was a real person! William Lawrence Murphy invented the bed so he could entertain guests in his small one room apartment in San Francisco. He applied for his first patent in 1900 for his eponymous “disappearing” wall bed and subsequently created the Murphy Wall Bed Company.
  3. They were considered an important cultural symbol in the early 20th A Murphy bed was featured in One A.M., an early comedic short film with Charlie Chaplin. Many luxury hotels had Murphy beds, which were a desirable and unique option for intrigued patrons.
  4. There are two mechanism options for lowering and raising Murphy beds. The most common type is a spring mechanism made from sturdy compressed steel inside the bed frame. The spring mechanism provides excellent counterbalance, which makes storing Murphy beds easier. A more recent development is the piston mechanism. The piston mechanism uses air pressure to securely hold the bed in place. However, piston mechanisms can’t be readjusted after they’re installed like spring mechanisms can.
  5. Their resurgence in the 2010’s can be linked to several factors:
    • People are returning to the cities. As rent and housing costs rise, Murphy beds have become a practical solution to comfortably living in small modern apartments.
    • Kids returning home after college. Murphy beds are the answer for parents who’ve already turned their child’s bedroom into an office or storage closet.
    • Homeowners looking for a cheap alternate to major home renovation are opting for Murphy beds to add value and style to their place.
  6. We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes of beds to choose from. Our most popular choices are twin and queen mattresses. Our wall beds are custom built to fit your specific needs.

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