When we think about white closet systems, some may think that they are quite basic. Although many of our Charlotte clients pick this color, we’re here to prove that white custom closets are anything but basic. Let us walk you through some of our recent projects to show you just what we mean.
Traditional custom closet with mirrors Charlotte

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors on the outside of the cabinets in this closet help it feel less claustrophobic. In addition, the reflective surface helps to disperse any light from the upper windows throughout the space. In this project, the homeowners decided to use a classic and luxurious cabinet design with raised paneling, which helps elevate this closet. In addition, dark bronzed hanging rails and door holds add to the traditional style. It is a unique look as most people usually opt for chrome or silver hardware.

On the opposite wall of the mirrored doors, a wall full of hanging rails provides enough room for the couple who share the closet. The additional walls in this galley-styled closet have drawers and cubbies for shoes, sweaters, and other accessories to maximize storage space.

Shiny and Luxurious

Modern white custom closet with island CharlotteWhite closets aren’t just cost-effective, they are very practical and can easily be dressed up to fit any decor style, too. In this closet project, a marble countertop anchors this large walk-in closet and provides extra storage. We installed cabinets and hanging areas all around the room so everything from sandals to suit blazers had a designated home. We also installed a valet rod and slide out tie rack to maximize functionality. The shelves were custom built to the height of the upper window to let in as much light as possible. Seasonal items can be stored on top of the units and out of the way. Chrome hanging rails and shiny drawer pulls add to the clean contemporary look.

Not Just For the Adults

Custom closets shouldn’t just be for adults! They can be installed for any member of your family. Designs aren’t just limited to walk-ins either. In this kid’s closet, organization and order are created with a triple hanging area – which is perfect for shorter kid’s garments. Shiny metal baskets and hanging rails give an elevated look that the child can grow into for years to come. Special drawer pulls with two-tone metal accents add an extra special touch. Shoes, extra diapers, and even a small shelf for books make sure parents have everything they need for their newborn within easy reach.

At Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte, we’re experts at helping our clients make room for all of their belongings. Get started with a complimentary design estimate and we’ll make the entire process easy and streamlined. Custom reach-in closet for kids Charlotte, NC