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Use This Simple Strategy to Refine Your Closet Storage

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custom closet storage organization Charlotte

custom closet storage organization CharlotteIf you’re having trouble figuring out the right organizational strategy for your closet, the storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte are here with an idea we think you’ll like.

We always think simple is better – and this absurdly intuitive method is so simple that you may smack yourself on the head if you’re not already doing it. Using height as the guiding principle for your closet storage is effective, simple, and easy to maintain over long periods of time. It also works especially well for small closets! Read on to learn more about what goes where in the “Mid-Low-High” method.

Before You Start Reorganizing

We recommend puling everything out so that you can start with a clean slate and group items before you put them back in. Use your living room floor or a bedroom to stage things, and then shuttle your items back into the closet one group at a time. The little bit of extra energy you spend here will save you time later on! Here are the three categories you should use to group your items:

Mid (Eye-Level and Waist Height)

These are the things you use all the time: sweaters, jackets, shirts, ties, and bags are all great things to put at eye level. A lot of people also like to organize shoes at waist height (though some of us have so many shoes that they might need to be stored mid, low, and high). The idea is to make the things you use most frequently as accessible as possible, so that you’re not rummaging through bulky winter items, family heirlooms, and suitcases every time you want to put a sweater on.

Low (Floor and Knee Height)

This area is for the things you use less frequently: sporting equipment, tools, sheets and linens, seasonal items, and anything else that you need occasional access to. Of course, this will be different for everyone – a hardcore hiker is going to need their camping gear more often, so consider your habits and priorities when you’re initially going through your items.


Finally, stash the things you rarely use up high on the less accessible shelves. These are things that you don’t need access to, but can’t get rid of: family heirlooms, valuables, documents, back-up items, and large bags. Having these things out of your way will streamline your closet usage without requiring you to purge as much.

Just Remember This

What you use most often will change over time, so it’s important to reevaluate your items occasionally and repeat the process. And one of the most important factors that contributes to the success of the Mid-Low-High method is finding the right customized storage solutions and accessories. Schedule a free consultation with the team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte to learn more!