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Creating the Ultimate Multifunctional Room

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Multifunctional room with wall bed Charlotte

Multifunctional room with wall bed CharlotteThe rooms in your home no longer need to have a single purpose. People are making the most out of their space by creating rooms that have dual functions. Guest rooms can double as a home office for budding entrepreneurs, and living rooms don’t have to be just for entertaining. A reliable custom storage manufacturer, such as Closet & Storage Concepts here in Charlotte, can provide design ideas to double your space. Here are some tips when creating a multifunctional room.

Decide On the Right Rooms to Combine

Think about the rooms you want. Are there certain furniture and workspaces that can be shared in both rooms, such as tables and workstations? Also, think about rooms that share items. While a guest room and living room would make sense as a multifunctional room because of the TV, you probably wouldn’t want to combine a dining room with a guest room due to any possible food messes.

Get Furniture that Can Do Double Duty

Multifunctional furniture can help transform your room. For example, you can build a Murphy bed designed with a home office system. When you are not sleeping on the bed, you can fold it into the frame to keep it out of the way. A home office unit with a desk and cabinets provides an area for you to work when guests are not in town and a nightstand for guests.

Create Smart Storage Spaces

Multifunctional rooms are usually clutter-free. Any additional unneeded items can make rooms feel tight and compact. So, only stick with the necessities. Invest in custom built-ins that help store all these items. Open shelving provides a nice display area while ensuring that you are maximizing your space. You can also build a custom media center that will hold all of the electronics that you need for both an office and a guest room, such as a television, computer, and music system.

Having a multifunctional room will give you flexibility in your home. In addition, using storage systems is much more cost-effective than a renovation or moving to a bigger home. If you need design ideas to create dual functionality in your home, contact Closet & Storage Concepts. Our designers will find out about your needs and develop the right storage solutions that will be perfect for your Charlotte home.