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5 Things to Get Rid of In Your Closet Today

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Pile of clothes to get rid of

Pile of clothes to get rid of

If you ever wished for a more organized closet, you can achieve it. Take the first step by purging your wardrobe. Here are 5 things you can say goodbye to today from your local Charlotte experts at Closet & Storage Concepts.

Stretched Out

Make sure your wardrobe isn’t filled with stretched out items. Toss out bras and other undergarments that are stretched and sagging – there’s no bringing them back! If they are stretched, they aren’t doing their job anymore and aren’t helping you feel your best. It’s time to replace them with things that work.

Faded, Torn & Stained

When you’re purging, be critical with faded, torn, and stained items. It’s time to replace your black skinny jeans that have now turned gray. The same goes for any garment that is damaged or stained that you haven’t tended to in over a year. If you haven’t gotten around to it, you likely won’t get to it anytime soon, so just say goodbye to it.

Free and Promotional

If you’ve been to a group work event or volunteered somewhere, it’s likely that you’ve picked up a free t-shirt or two. You don’t need a stack of twenty of them to wear to bed, to go to the gym, or to do yard work. Pick a few favorites and ditch the rest. This goes for other goods like lanyards, hats, and bags too.

Things That Don’t Feel Good

You deserve to feel good in your every single piece of clothing you own. If things no longer fit or something is just a little bit off, say goodbye to items. Figure out why you are holding on to the “just in case” items, and see if you can get rid of them. And when it comes to items that make you itch or are uncomfortable, say goodbye.

Items Lurking in the Back

Clearing out your items means clearing out all of your items. Get into the corners and make sure you go through items that might have fallen off their hanger. Any items you find lurking in the shadows should a be a contender to be purged. If you haven’t tried looking for them in the past, you probably don’t need it. Say goodbye to these items and say hello to a wardrobe that you love.

Once you’ve purged your closet, make sure it’s organized. Stop by our Charlotte showroom and get inspired! Our design experts are here to help you find closet organization solutions tailored to your needs.

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