custom pantry storage Charlotte, NCIf you do not have a custom pantry in your Charlotte home, you are missing out for sure! Do not underestimate the convenience and perks of an amazingly organized pantry to store your food, bulky holiday serving platters, small appliances, and oversized pots and pans.

In fact, the first thing most people look for in a kitchen when buying a home is one that offers adequate storage space. Lack of cabinetry or a poorly designed kitchen can be frustrating…and make your home look cluttered and unkempt!

If you’re not already day-dreaming about how amazing your home would be with a unique, custom pantry, here are some really good reasons you’re going to want to start this project as soon as possible!

  • Offers a Small Investment/Huge Return – A walk-in pantry renovation is a smart choice for a homeowner. It offers an enhanced environment in your home for you to enjoy now, and it also adds value to your home’s retail value in the future.
  • Provides More Work Space – Designing a walk-in pantry with additional countertop space is a great way to provide more kitchen workspace. This is especially useful during the hectic holiday season and when you entertain throughout the year.
  • Organizes Food Storage – Probably the most popular reason for wanting a custom pantry is for storing food. Not only does it free up the kitchen space and cabinets for other things, it also makes the room less cluttered and provides a place for food storage in one convenient location.
  • Unique and Custom – Space-saving manufacturers and designers like those at Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte can help you create a unique custom pantry with everything you want to be built into the design! Professional installers will utilize your pantry storage space to its full potential while keeping everything organized and accessible for a great workflow.
  • Motivates You to Cook – A hidden perk is that having a pantry stocked full of great ingredients and an organized workspace will motivate you to spend more time in the kitchen making delicious and healthy meals. This is not only good news for your health, but can also help you spend less money on take-out food!

When you are ready to make upgrades to your kitchen space, stop by our Charlotte showroom and factory at Closet & Storage Concepts to see how we can help you stay organized and clutter-free. We have worked on projects both big and small, from modest pantry closets to large butler pantries! Call or stop by to learn more.

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